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Review: 'TV Coma'

-  Genre: 'Punk/New Wave' -  Release Date: '1st May 2020'

Our Rating:
So it transpires that TV Coma are a millennial rock band u from St. Albans, Hertfordshire. They’ve been featured on Spotify playlist “Hot New Bands”, as well as Radio X, BBC Introducing, Louder, Fresh On The Net and The Alternative. Head of thot debit album, ‘Wuss’, they’re giving us ‘Boomerang’, which is ‘about the boomerang generation, living back at home with their parents after university’.

They promise that ‘TV Coma will drag you into their lost and confused minds, trapped somewhere between hope and adulthood. TV Coma are just like you’.

I’ll concede, I am lost and confused. But I’m 44 and did not return to the nest after university. TV Coma are nothing like me, and it’s probably a fair conclusion that I’m not in the target demographic.
But seriously, there is no excuse for this bunch of bearded hipster crets in their all-white getup. What the fuck is that about the dungarees? It wasn’t cool when Dexys did it either. But we never learn from history, do we?

Boomerang is a blizzard, a blur, the guitars and lyrics flashing through at two hundred miles and hour, and it’s hard to fault the energy. But it is a bit lightweight, a bit pop-punk, a bit ordinary. Less of a criticism than a yawn. It’s ok.
  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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TV Coma - Boomerang