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Review: 'Sun Records Various Artists'
'Sunrise On The Blues'   

-  Album: 'Sun Records Curated by Record Store Day Vol 7' -  Label: 'ORG Music/Sun Records'
-  Genre: 'Blues' -  Release Date: '18.4.20.'-  Catalogue No: 'ORGM-2165'

Our Rating:
If you've already go the previous 6 volumes of this compilation that digs into Sun records extensive archives you'll not hesitate to get this addition to the series and if not, well if you like good Blues Compilations this is a great addition to the genre. This was compiled from the choices of various record shop staff who have sold the previous editions with a good mix of well known artists and songs and more obscure artists and songs all well worth hearing.

Opening with Howlin' Wolf singing Everybody In The Mood sets the bar at the right height for the sort of blues compilation this is and damn what a great tune to get us all dancing and bopping along with one of the absolute kings of the blues.

Next we get a lesser known version of the classic Mystery Train sung by Little Junior's Blue Flames rather than Elvis and this is a nice almost gentle run through this endlessly covered classic this is one of the earliest versions of the song.

Now it's time for Rosco Gordon to implore Let's Get High a cracking sax led rhythm and blues belter to get us all to go downtown and get High although in 50's parlance that's more about getting drunk than stoned.

Johnny Adams I Won't Cry is one of those songs you expect to hear as the soundtrack of the slow dance at a Prom in a film, it's sappy and a tiny bit soppy but also totally heartfelt in his jealousy that you might have gone with another guy.

Earl Hooker is more of a straight-ahead rocker on Going On Down The Line with the sort of backing that just cooks to the almost call and response style lyrics and a great guitar break.

Lost John Hunter & His Blind Bats is a great band name and their Piano blues take on Cool Down Mama may be covered in hiss but damn that piano is great with a bit of an Albert Ammons feel to it.

The A-side closes with Big Walter Horton's Grandma Told Grandpa that is the sort of blues story of betrayal that sounds like an old Cousin Joe song to me and the interaction between the harmonica and guitar is brilliant.

The B-side opens with Sleepy John Estes Policy Man Blues that's a good addition to the Sleepy John stuff I already own this is sparse and tells its story of how the Policy man would keep coming for his money.

Little Milton brings every emotion he has on If Crying Would Help Me to get over the woman who is cheating on him on this slow measured wailing moaning blues.

James Cotton goes totally rural on Cotton Crop Blues that should probably be heard in a tin shack Juke Joint in the middle of nowhere during the middle of the cotton picking season, but will sound pretty incredible wherever you listen to it.

Doctor Ross then gives us his Cat Squirrel a great acoustic strummed blues with harmonica sounding almost like he is busking it on a street corner.

We then get one of the most interesting and worrying songs on the album The Prisonaires That Chick's Too Young To Fry about not having sex with an underage girl over a doo wop style backing and with lots of near the knuckle slang to make sure you wait till she's of age or you will end up in prison for not waiting.

We then get a cool version I'm Gonna Murder My Baby by Pat Hare who will murder his girl for not coming home to him when she should have in the classic my woman done me wrong style where redemption can only be found in great guitar playing.

The album closes with Joe Hill Louis playing great rambunctious version of We all Got To Go Some Time a great driving blues about well knowing when to go.

For anyone in need of another great Blues compilation find out more at https://orgmusic.com/releases/sun-records-curated-by-rsd-volume-7/
  author: simonovitch

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