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Review: 'Oozelles'

-  Label: 'ORG Music'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '1.5.20.'

Our Rating:
This is Oozelles debut album they are a Los Angeles based group of musicians who have all been in other bands including Warpaint, Detroit Cobras and Dura Delinquent among others.

The album opens with Secret Door that sounds like a weird cross of Rip Rig & Panic, The Holloys with a few shards of The Contortions for good measure it is a bit mad but all the better for that.

Fangs isn't horror rock, but more sort of Jazz Punk Tropicalia with a bassline stolen from an 80's synth pop hit that for some reason makes me think of Blue Period's Nightlife Casualties.

Refill The Swamp has a good twanging guitar sound as they attempt to Refill The Swamp that Donny and his mates have been failing to drain, this has a nice slow almost death rock feel to it.

Why Do You Eat People is funky in the same way Curiosity Killed The Cat were, it reminds me of being in legendary 80's club Astral Flight, only I don't have any clothes made of netting or shoulder pads that would be needed to dance to this properly, while the drummer goes properly to town on his cymbals.

Hideous Thing opens with squalling sax runs and a horror dance rock feel to it, like they are watching some real bad 80's horror film and freaking out. News Theme would only work as its title suggests on a Ren and Stimpy style cartoon news broadcast and for that it is perfect.

On seeing the title East Of The River I want to add Nile and continue singing a different song than this funky cartoon rock song of despair and a tale of well what happens if you go East Of The River, I assume in this case the LA River and some sort of China town action.

Rickety Ship is certainly what it feels like we are currently on, making this sound rather current as it swirls and rises and dips with the current.

Arson Dolphin sounds like a lost Talking Heads song, and the vocals go full on out there David Byrne for much of it and it's every bit as obtuse as any of David Byrnes lyrics as we try to figured out exactly what an Arson Dolphin is.

Can't Get Out well join the club we are all currently in making this sound like more of a single than it may have done in different times, I know the lyrics are not about a pandemic but still none of us can get out to see Oozelles playing live at the moment.

Dots is all about the guitar figure that goes pretty much throughout the tune and the almost Lord Of The Dance la la la'ing that repeats throughout the song.

The album closes with Cry Blood a sax led Cravats meets Contortions style obtusely funky tune that will perplex some listeners but certainly draws me in and sticks in my head long after I've finished hearing it.

Find out more at https://orgmusic.merchnow.com/catalogs/oozelles https://www.facebook.com/oozelles/
  author: simonovitch

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