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Review: 'Stafford, Harry'
'Gothic Urban Blues'   

-  Label: 'Black Lagoon Records'
-  Genre: 'Rock'

Our Rating:
The lead single is also the title track from Harry Stafford’s new album. The theme of the Mancunian maestro’s latest offering is the city itself. Flying solo after 35 years with the seminal Inca Babies, Stafford continues with the signature brooding , but has evolved his songrwiting considerably.

‘Gothic Urban Blues’ incorporates elements of jazz and blues and a dash of The Doors in a laid-back, late-night kind of song with a strolling bass that nags away subtly, and that has dark current simmering beneath the surface. Stafford is cast as a cool observer of all of the goings on among the human traffic.

It’s got a certain 80s vibe about it, but in a way that captures the disconnect between high capitalism and col reality. So, come to think of it, with its clinical, critical distancing as it dissects the differences engendered by gentrification is entirely contemporary. The accompanying video, which sees Stafford looking weary in the back of a cab cut with shots of towering, shiny, modern office high-rise constructions. And it’s a decent tune.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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