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Review: 'Victor DeLorenzo'

-  Label: 'BF Recording/I-Tunes'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '19.3.20.'

Our Rating:
Tranceaphone Is Victor DeLorenzo's latest solo record and the first one since 2013 although as a founding member of Violent Femmes and Nineteen Thirteen as well as being an actor since the days he became Willem Dafoe's replacement at Theatre X in Milwaukee in the 80's. This EP comes with a real first for me, a spoken word press bio, read by Victor himself that's a real nice touch and it could almost function in the way the old interview albums record companies used to send out did.

The title track Tranceaphone is a nicely wonky indie-pop song that has Victor almost speak singing the lyrics in a quite David Byrne type way as the music does all sorts of things with multiple things going on as the bass and drums keep a nice steady rhythm to let us know your never alone with a Tranceaphone.

Lullaby is a gentle piano led song with some really cool bass and a sound that makes me think of Sigmatropic and that sort of collaborative widescreen approach and also with nods towards Music for A New Society but far less fraught.

Invisible Shadows is odd out of place bass drums and tambourine slowly coming together to allow the strings to add some real emotion before the almost whispered vocals come in to impart some knowledge and allow Victor to whistle at us, the song takes an odd turn in time for the long fade out with some very careful drumming.

Then Don't Say A Word is like a quiet pleading to be allowed to stay silent after an argument with odd sci-fi sounds and voices in the darkness.

The EP closes with When She's There that could almost have been an outtake from John Cale's Adventures in Nookie Wood the lyrics are odd enough and the instrumentation is nicely askew and full of ideas it's oddly unsettling and very cool at the same time.

Find out more at https://victordelorenzo.weebly.com/ https://itunes.apple.com/ca/artist/victor-delorenzo/59284323
  author: simonovitch

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