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Review: 'Lazaris Pit'

-  Label: 'Bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '22.5.20.'

Our Rating:
Lazaris Pit are yet another band from North Carolina an American state that seems to have one of the most thriving music scenes anywhere. To my ears Lazaris Pit are one of those bands who in days gone by would have benefited from having a record company tell them to go and fine tune things somewhat and to edit down some of the longer tracks to a manageable and more listenable length.

From the opening wonky as all hell sounds of One Too Many Mornings it's clear this isn't going to be an easy ride, this feels like Pavement at their least together trying to make dub punk and not quite hitting the mark it almost feels like one of those Dub Pistols gigs where Barry Ashworth self-sabotages by throwing beer all over his keyboards and never quite recovers, or is it just the soundtrack to a hangover from hell.

Conipher's Song has a long intro with a cool repeating riff before the hazy vocals come in to help us drift away a bit as the guitarist goes into a bit of a long winded widdly solo that will please fans of jam bands I'm guessing but they do tell us to hold onto the nightmares as well as our dreams so that solo could just be our nightmares and could do with being 3 minutes shorter.

The single from the album is next and You Don't Tag Me In Memes Anymore is by far the best thing on the album a good sideways break-up song with a modern twist or two it feels a bit like Sebadoah or maybe the Strangulated Beat-Offs if anyone remembers them. It's also pretty catchy with a decent chance of getting stuck in your head.

The First Schism Of Porchlessnessism is a far better title than song and coming from a fairly porch less city like London I don't connect to it very well being a mainly instrumental miasma like they are warming up in the practice room rather than a finished tune.

Cloudsculpting is off the wall Pavement goes doom grunge, it's odd and more than slightly out there with another long winded guitar solo, so that even though it's only 3 and bit minutes long it still feels like a minute and a half too long.

As for Landfall a nearly 11 minute long freakout that feels like an eternity if the grunge jam band madness isn't your thing. In places as nutty as Paus and like a less focused Crystallized Movements this goes on and on like a bad trip.

Flow re-works Cornershops Brimful Of Asha into a grungier and dirty tune, but with just enough of the original joy to still be an uplifting song and one of the songs I'd recommend hearing from this album.

The album closes with Our Trip To NYC (Late nights With Jim Donovan) that has some cool sci-fi and computer game noises facing off against the guitars and bass to make an rather unsettling coda to end on.

If this is your sort of thing find out more at https://www.lazarispit.com/ https://lazarispit.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/LazarisPit/
  author: simonovitch

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