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Review: 'The Wedding Present'
'Once More/ At The Edge Of The Sea'   

-  Label: 'Optic Nerve Recordings'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '12.6.20.'-  Catalogue No: 'ON210'

Our Rating:
After the 30th Anniversary re-recording and new issue of Tommy 30 on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records (www.hhbtm.com) last year, now Optic Nerve records ( https://opticnerverecordings.com/) are re-issuing one of the original singles that made up the Tommy compilation in the first place and The Wedding Presents second single Once More. As I am a bit behind on my review for the Tommy 30 I will be reviewing and comparing the two versions today.

The original reception records version of Once More is an urgent blitz of super speedy jangly guitars and Dave Gedge's deadpan vocals as he deals with the rejection at the core of the song and damn those guitars sound wonderfully insistent and in your face in a way that makes any technical inadequacies seem irrelevant. If his vocals get lost a bit in the music that's no bad thing either as the re-recorded version on Tommy 30's main difference is to make sure the vocals are always clear.

The b-side At The Edge Of The Sea has that wonderfully wonky bassline at it's core, while the guitars go off around it and Dave Gedge pleading vocals that may be a bit buried by the guitars in places but it just reminds me of hearing it back in the day being played by John Peel. There isn't too much difference between this original and the Tommy 30 version and it's been good to be able to compare them.

This is still a great single that any of The Wedding Present fan should have find out more https://opticnerverecordings.com/collections/optic-sevens-2-0/products/wedding-present-the-once-more-7?variant=30308739907695 https://scopitones.co.uk/news
  author: simonovitch

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