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Review: 'Suggested Friends'
'Turtle Taxi'   

-  Label: 'Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records/Fika records'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '4.10.19.'-  Catalogue No: 'HHBTM202'

Our Rating:
Yes I'm late to the party singing the praises of Suggested Friends excellent second album Turtle Taxi but non the less this is really an album that's worth finding of young British Indie-pop with a queer identity and moral issues, as well as some worrying socially anxious songs of love gone well not quite right. Surprisingly the album features 2 songs that were already in the bands live set when I saw them back in 2017 opening for Eureka California since when they have built on the sound they already had.

The album opens with Imminent that's a slice of bright indie pop that almost feels like The Cardigans meets The Young Marble Giants it's all about being dumped for a younger woman when your still only 22 years old while she dreams of her rivals Imminent demise.

Cygnets is an indie kitchen sink romance that may remind me of The Cranberries but that really should put you off this mesmerizing tune.

The Apocalypse (It's Just A Day Away) has been in there live set since 2017 and is an old school college rocker about waking up to what's going on around us, that is currently as pertinent as songs come, this sounds like it could have been written with 2020 in mind.

G.N.A. grabbed me good and proper when I first heard them sing it live in 2017, it's still the only song I know about the Guardian News App being an urgent slice of indie pop about modern morals and life styles that still reminds me a good bit of Two Nice Girls.

At ease sounds all jaunty and upbeat as the lyrics are anything but while sounding like an updated Fairground Attraction.

The b-side opens with the title song Turtle Taxi is a plea to be someone's lover with a tune that in places reminds me of That Summer Feeling, but only briefly as the song expands into something else.

Pretty Soon Your Grave Will Be A Landfill is not only a brilliant song title but a brilliant song too that more than lives up to the title as it asks questions as to how kids of the bands generation will ever be able to afford to live like people of my generation, the bitterness they feel is only to be expected as they do everything they can to sound like The Sundays.

Blooms is a slow gentle and questioning song about a relationship blossoming and falling apart with the big twist being that the object of the desire and love is only 14 that of course makes you wonder if the lover was of a similar age or not.

For Jokes is another solid college rocker with a classic loud quiet structure punctuating the verses.

The album closes with magnolia another love falling apart drama in a The Sundays meets the cranberries style that's gently effective.

Find out more at https://www.hhbtm.com/product/suggested-friends-turtle-taxi/ https://www.facebook.com/suggestedfriends/
  author: simonovitch

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