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Review: 'Bhajan Bhoy'
'Bless Bless'   

-  Label: 'Wormer Bros Records/Bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Ambient' -  Release Date: '5.6.20.'-  Catalogue No: 'WORM071'

Our Rating:
Bless Bless is the Debut album by Bhajan Bhoy that is the solo project of Ajay Saggar Of King Champion Sounds who has also in the past been the sound engineer for among others My Bloody Valentine and Dinosaur Jnr.

The album opens with Welcome a short Sitar piece with Bhajan Bhoy repeated over it mantra style before giving way to Disintegration a more ethereal sitar/guitar figure that will make you put on some incense and sit back relax and chill out.

Universal love adds some tablas and is it handbells or finger cymbals into the mix to help you sit down and start meditating and working on your mantra for the day.

Hills Could Be Mountains has some shakers replacing the sound of the grasshoppers you'd hear in the lower reaches of a mountain before the vocals come in and make it into a very cool indie garage rock mantra at the more mellow end of Cornershop.

Strung Out featuring Prana Crafter is perfect for when the stone hits between the eyes and takes you on the journey you began lighting the dhoop sticks at the start of the album, mind expansive sounds enveloping the room you will be strung out by the end of it.

Asleep Ohm's Sleep Mountain is music to do just that, so you can sit back relax and Ohm along, trip way out let the bells lead you deep within drift and dream of climbing a holy mountain to reach a temple and sit drinking tea talking to the monks in Rajastan or wherever Ohm takes you.

Cascade Featuring Holly Babstritt Gaal has us reaching the waterfalls and Holly's voice whispering between the Cascade if water all around us enveloping us within like your sitting in the cave behind the falls and everything echoes and whirls around you.

Stuck In A Barrel is the signal to have a shot of something from a barrel and to stretch and trance right out too. Polar Wind, time to suck an ice cube and turn windmills with your arms too, perfect for some isolation yoga and pilates not sure I could sit still and listen to this.

Blessed House Of Wahovia is timed to bow down to the divine as the sermon echoes through your mind. It sounds like someone's hitting a table tennis ball against the wall against the mantra.

Sol like you should be sitting staring at the sun with pulsing waves drifting away coming back down within the piano and flute holding that pose.

Magico concludes this journey into mind music with an ascent to the divine, a gentle pulseathon and a great way to end an album that's perfect to sit at home and get very Bless Bless too.

Find out more at http://exmailorder.nl/shop/wormer-bros/blessbless https://bhajanbhoy.bandcamp.com/album/bless-bless https://www.facebook.com/Bhajan-Bhoy-108902160633345/
  author: simonovitch

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