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Review: 'Felixity'
'Love Sick'   

-  Label: 'Komplex Recordings'
-  Genre: 'Soul' -  Release Date: '1.5.20.'

Our Rating:
This is the sort of album that would normally struggle to reach the top of my review pile on the grounds it's not really the kind of music I listen too. Mainly as Neo-Soul modern pop isn't my thing, this is music for women under 30 mainly. With a nice deep voice and a modern neo-soul sheen I'm sure there should be a big fanbase for Felixity and this album.

From the opening Breathing it is clear this is a woman who isn't happy with the sort of bloke who shows up for a booty call in the middle of the night, is in and out and gone in under 45 minutes, over some pleasant modern soul backing and well the bloke is probably happy, as he got what he wanted and didn't have to pay for a date, while Felixity is left breathing and moaning about what a waste it all was and how fake he was.

The Bad Guy Has a Massive Attack feel to it as Felixity complains and moans about what a Bad Guy you are and why you don't hang around, yes she has said her goodbyes and is waiting for the next waste of space boyfriend to show up in the hopes he'll be better.

On My Knees is her explanation of how her guy wants her as she gets all breathy and seductive over a reasonably minimal soul backing as she wants to have a war between your sheets, well ok then, as the tune eventually explodes like she's ready to explode all over those sheets before he does.

Vanilla isn't about meeting someone really straight in a fetish club or trying to get someone to live out your bondage fantasies when all they want is more missionary sex, but just about another hook up that's not as much fun as Felixity would like, while listing a few things she never does without actually getting specific as she asks that you just make love to her tonight as the strings swirl around her vocals.

Crazii doesn't sound too crazy at all as just another bruised tale of love or more likely anonymous sex gone wrong, it sounds like she's longing for something more than App sex as she gets jealous and crazy.

You_Me is all about her telling her latest willing victim that she isn't exclusive and kisses lots of boys and girls, before she starts to say why you might be worth more than a one night stand and you could actually make her decide to be exclusive or you could just be the main Boyfriend over a cool squelchy bassline and a decent drum pattern.

Mr Brave reminds me of Angelfish and is one of the songs on the album that I found stuck in my head after the first listen as she does everything she can to seduce Mr Brave as he's already thinking about the next pair of legs on the other side of town to quote a very old song. This also has some very funky guitar playing that wails towards the end of the song.

The album version of Twisted Love the main single is next and
it's a plea for Twisted Love that doesn't sound anything like a really twisted love song, it's not even as out there as the Beatles Why Don't We Do It In The Road on that front, but she wants that Twisted Love and well the bloke had better have a few decent ideas how to keep her interested, especially if your leaving her at home all night, as the song builds and builds until a squiggly bass line finishes it off.

Lazy Boi is moaning and complaining about being treated like some blokes other women and how she's different to all those other women as she whispers an moans into your ear as she wears a negligee, damn do women under 40 still wear negligee's.

Seize is a rant at another poor bloke asking if he really loved her, well judging by the rest of the record he was probably saying everything he had to too get the sex he wanted and if feeding her loads of charlie or X to her to achieve that goal, he probably did that too and couldn't wait to hear her ask to be taken home.

While this album isn't my thing it is very good at what it does and if you want some properly love sick or more accurately casual sex sick neo soul then this album really delivers.

https://music.apple.com/gb/album/love-sick/1506395746 https://www.facebook.com/Felixityx https://www.facebook.com/KOMPLEXRECORDINGS/
  author: simonovitch

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