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Review: 'WesdaRuler ft Linqua Franca, Dope Knife, L Larceny'
'Fuck Trump America'   

-  Label: 'Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records'
-  Genre: 'Hip-Hop' -  Release Date: '3.7.20.'

Our Rating:
This is a Independence day release special single with an essential message for this most diseased of 4th of July's that has to be one of the years with the least to celebrate since America gained independence from the evil Island home I live in.

This is as conscious a rap as you could want on the subject of what's wrong with Trump's America as they ask us to put our middle finger's up and Fuck Trump's America as they rap us through some of the list of charges against Trump and his crew, anything I say about it will be as nothing against listening to this repeatedly and chanting along to the chorus, so go and download it and get chanting Fuck trump America every day until he's out of office.

If you don't already know the artists involved in this release you should also hear there current podcast Waiting On Reparations too.

Find out more at https://soundcloud.com/hhbtm-records/wesdaruler-fuck-trump-america https://open.spotify.com/episode/4N7afhbFOEgoXWHL1pDsIv?si=qrrIEuvjS6uET-DC5NXiEA&utm_source=Facebook_SimpleMusicStories&utm_medium=sms
  author: simonovitch

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