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Review: 'Moon Panda'
'Slow Drive'   

-  Label: 'Fierce Panda'
-  Genre: 'Indie'

Our Rating:
‘Two pandas are always better one’ quips the press release of the new single from Moon Panda, released on the legendary indie label Fierce Panda. It follows the Tarantino-inspired ‘Rick F*****n Dalton’ as a taster for their forthcoming ‘Make Well’ EP

The duo’s bassist Maddy Myers explains the song’s conception as follows:

"I started this song during one of the 3-4 month stints when Gustav and I were stuck apart from each other in our home countries. The time difference made it tough to connect and I found myself having trouble sleeping and getting a little anxious. I wrote the bass and lyrics to this song as a way to calm myself down and find some inner peace. When we were together again we turned it into a full song together. I still feel a sense of inner peace every time we play it."

To Moon Panda, these difficulties felt mirrored by some of the wider issues in the world at the moment, "breaking into pieces and putting up walls. Tearing apart people that should be able to be together."

‘Slow Drive’ is sparse, centred around a slow-grooving, easy-going bass guitar motif. It provides a lightly funky-edged backdrop to Maddy’s smooth, dreamy vocals that float effortlessly and evoke dappled sunlight on a still summer’s day. The guitars ripple and chime subtly in the background, more of a textural addition than a lead feature, and everything melts together to create a magnificently mellow melody.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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