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Review: 'Felixity'
'Love Sick Remixed'   

-  Label: 'Komplex Recordings/i-tunes'
-  Genre: 'Dance' -  Release Date: '3.7.20.'

Our Rating:
Just a few weeks ago I reviewed the Love Sick album by Felixity, while I wasn't then, still aren't now the albums target audience, I do get why if I was in that audience I'd love the album and would want to hear it remixed by all sorts of cool people including Barry Adamson and Danny Saber and Black Starliner. In the spirit of a remix album I have re-mixed or re-written my original review.

From the opening Breathing Andy Spaceland DF Remix it is clear this is a woman who isn't happy with the sort of bloke who shows up for a booty call in the middle of the night and has a thumping bass to keep you away, Still he's in and out and gone in under 45 minutes, Now with squelchy beats against the modern soul backing and the bloke is still happy, as he got what he wanted again and didn't have to pay for a date, while Felixity is left breathing and moaning about what a waste it all was and how fake he was as everyone else throws shapes on the dancefloor.

The Bad Guy EMP Remix has a Massive Attack feel to it as Felixity complains and moans about what a Bad Guy you are, as the strings swirl around and she wonders why you don't hang around, yes she has said her goodbyes and is waiting for the next waste of space boyfriend to show up in the hopes he'll be better or at the very least it gets used on a film soundtrack.

The first remix of Twisted Love is the Fuck Me Remix that takes the album's main single and makes it non radio friendly, it's a plea for Twisted Love with loads of cries of Fuck Me like she's begging for it, but she wants that Twisted Love and well the bloke had better Fuck her and then fuck her again as the song builds and builds with some cool drum and bass edges that are more subtle than the vocals until a squiggly bass line finishes her off.

Lazy Boi Black Star Liner Remix has more of a doomy intense bass backing while she moans and complains about being treated like some blokes other women and how she's different to all those other women as she whispers an moans into your ear as that bass shakes the bed room like she's on a vibrating bed in her negligee up to all sorts.

On My Knees Drunq DF Remix is minimal skittery drum and bass explanation of how her guy wants her, as she gets all breathy and seductive, she wants a war between your sheets, well ok then, as the tune eventually explodes like she's ready to explode all over those sheets, before he does, just as long as he loves her On Her Knees. But this is a full on nine-minute remix that should be heard in a club on a massive sound system to let it shake you into submission.

The second remix of Twisted Love Andy Spaceland remix of the single her plea for Twisted Love that sounds more like a musically twisted love song than it did, but she wants that Twisted Love among the weird keyboard and deep bass throb, well the bloke had better have a few decent ideas how to keep her interested, as Andy Spaceland obviously has some great ideas, especially if you're leaving her at home all night and you don't want to do that but you do want Andy to tell you his musical secret, this is the best mix I've heard of Twisted Love.

Crazii The Barry Adamson Re-mix takes the none too crazy bruised tale of love and encases it in strings from a 70's movie soundtrack squelchy bass as the likely anonymous sex has gone wrong again, it sounds like she's longing for something more than App sex as she gets jealous and crazy swirling and whirling around the room.

Seize Drunq DF Remix is Dub n Bass explosions dark room at a club rant at another poor bloke asking if he really loved her as he walks off to get another drink and smoke, he said everything he had to, too get the sex he wanted, as the beats have him shaking on the dance floor as he feeds loads of Charlie or X to her to achieve that goal she's broken and down and in need of a comedown space and this tune isn't that.

Vanilla James Sanger DF Remix has a claustrophobic dense mix as Felixity sings about another hook up that's not as much fun as Felixity would like, while listing a few things she never does without actually getting specific, she asks that you just make love to her tonight, you'd better say yes as the strings swirl around her vocals with a slow lush bass line.

YM Oberkon Remix is all about her telling her latest willing victim, that she isn't exclusive and kisses lots of boys and girls, before she starts to say why you might be worth more than a one night stand in the glitchy techno club your hanging in, you could actually make her decide to be exclusive, or you could just be the main Boyfriend as the squelchy bassline allows you to bust the right or wrong moves and it has at least one great dancefloor drop.

The third remix of Twisted Love Danny Saber Mix goes tropical house on the single, it's still her plea for Twisted Love that doesn't sound anything like a really twisted love song, as she wants that Twisted Love here yet it sounds rather vanilla.

That bloke had better have a few decent ideas how to impress her, in the Drum and bass breaks, as the song builds and builds until a squiggly bass line finishes them off.

Mr Brave James Sanger DF Remix reminds me of Lipps Inc musically and is one of the songs on the album that I found stuck in my head after the first listen as she does everything she can to seduce Mr Brave with very funky guitar playing and thudding bass that wails towards the end of the song.

Lazy Boi Black Star Liner In Dub Remix does what you'd expect of it as her moaning and complaining are now delayed echoey and dubbed out about how she's different to all those other women as she whispers an moans into your ear as she wears a negligee among the cool effects and almost Kraftwerk style keyboards of the three mixes I've now heard of Lazy Boi they saved the best till last a cool way to close the album.

To my ears this Remix album is better than the original album as all the re-mixers have added to the tracks or filled them out in interesting ways and it certainly sounds like most of these versions would sound great in a nightclub if we ever get back to going to them.

Find out more at https://music.apple.com/gb/artist/felixity/1497518825 https://www.facebook.com/Felixityx https://www.instagram.com/felixity_x/
  author: simonovitch

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