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Review: 'The Wee Cherubs'
'The Merry Makers'   

-  Label: 'Optic Nerve Recordings'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '21.8.20.'

Our Rating:
Finally, for the first time ever you can buy an album by The Wee Cherubs the band that Martin Cotter of The Bachelor Pad was in before them during 1982-5. They were part of the burgeoning Glasgow Indie scene.

The album opens with the jangling ode to longing that is Dreaming the bands only single that sounds like it could have been on postcard records it certainly has a classic Scottish Indie sound.

Pastures New is as cool a song about walking away and going to try something new as you can get a nicely slightly off kilter Jangle pop tune with just enough hints at regret as it needs.

Waiting seems to update early surf rock and turn it into a super speedy jangle rock with almost fairground organ sounds it really barrels along.

Two Things At One Time is musically reminiscent of The Bluebells but with vocals seemingly recorded in a cupboard and with a very enclosed feel about them as a small drama unfolds lyrically.

Flame has a rather doom-laden sound and almost in places sounds like the tape isn't playing at the right speed, so this ends up being Goth indie as the eulogy to a flame slowly unfolds.

Poor Little Lost Soul has a very cool intro with some deft guitar work before the reverb heavy vocals come in, it reminds me of Colours by Brilliant but obviously less funky.

Painless feels almost chamber pop and a little on the fey side of things with an odd and interesting middle section before the tune starts to soar.

Goodbye has a good insistent dance beat and odd guitar sounds as they sing about there concerns for the world around them, this is a good green anthem.

Theme is a swirling piece of indie Soundtrack music that would certainly have been interesting walk on music it has elements of Spaghetti western meets Gregory's Girl and tries to sort out the levels of confusion that brings among the cool percussion.

The Album closes with there quite wonderful cover of I'm Waiting For My Man that sounds like they are somewhere between Nico and Fiction's covers of the velvet's classic and as I said when reviewing the single re-issue a while ago this was the Original B-side to the bands only single and this is a worthy addition to any collection of covers of this song. I have more versions than I care to count and am very glad to have added this to the collection.

Find out more at https://opticnerverecordings.com/collections/the-wee-cherubs
  author: simonovitch

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