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Review: 'The Wolfhounds'
'Electric Music'   

-  Label: 'A Turntable Friend records/Bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '15.5.20.'

Our Rating:
The Wolfhounds are one of those bands that I managed to dismiss first time round without ever really listening to them or realizing they were a local Essex band! It appears that if this album is anything to go by, was a serious error on my part, as Electric Music is a great indie alternative album of the sort that I would have loved back in the 80's let alone now. Even more surprising is that this was recorded in Epping of all places, as it never felt that rocking a place when I used to drink round there in the 80's.

The album opens with the brilliantly anthemic Can't See The Light that is asking questions about what's gone wrong with the people trying run things and make things better over swirling guitars and the sort of chorus that's perfect to sing along too no matter how deep the lyrics on the verses are, it's obvious why this is also the lead single, love what the guitars do.

Like Driftwood opens with distorting guitars and it almost feels like we are being caught in the crossfire as the far more gentle than the music vocals come in and take us on a journey that feels like the driftwood is going over some rapids and we are in for a bumpy ride as the speakers try to contain those fuzzy guitars.

Song Of The Afghan Shopkeeper almost feels like The Nightingales or The Cravats as they talk about the journey the shopkeeper went on to end up in the UK with some very eastern sounds and militant drumming.

Lightning's Going To Strike Again is bass heavy like thunder rumbling across the room with odd guitar notes like flashes of lighting as we hope we don't need to black out the windows as they tell us that the time for superheroes to save us is now.
And Electric Music opens the B-side like they want to fuse Dinosaur Jnr with The Cravats as they tell us how much they love Electric Music as they plug us in to the power source, buzzing distorting amps and feedback dentist drill sounds pounding your brains like Wharton Tiers has been searching for that perfect wall of noise to back a Dave Gedge style drawled vocal this should sound incredible live.

The Roaches is a Roach motel blues celebrating the survival skills and tenacity of spirit and the ability to invade and take over any space this is also the albums quiet duet with Katherine Mountain Whitaker and David Callahan's vocals being far more upfront and the music stripped back than on most of the album.

Pointless Killing is a cool anti war and other forms of Pointless Killing song that has a very 2020 pandemic relevance as we see death all around us and they want to be away from all this Pointless Killing as I'm sure the rest of us do too.

Stand Apart in its insistent way telling us that you will stand alone or apart against the forces we are currently fighting, feels like we are battling all the idiocy of what's happening, as we try to make a better world.

We Don't Believe Anything is a slow goth blues of desperation at a world that allows the constant clamor of fake ideas, as we try to work out if anyone ever tells the truth anymore, what is the truth? This is a real dark comedown close to a great album that just makes me wonder how did I miss out on getting into The Wolfhounds decades ago when I still lived in Essex.

Find out more https://thewolfhounds.bandcamp.com/album/electric-music https://www.facebook.com/TheWolfhounds
  author: simonovitch

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