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Review: 'Even As We Speak'

-  Label: 'Shelflife Records'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '24.7.20.'

Our Rating:
Sydney based Australian Indie twee pop legends Even As we Speak are back with the bands first new album since 1993 if you don't include re-issues or the Peel sessions album, yes they have put out a couple of EP's but finally these Sarah Records legends have another album out on the always cool Shelflife records.

The album opens with the crackling hissing low fi glacial synth pop wonderment of Someone with vocals that remind me of Roisin Murphy at her most indie this has loads going on and will stand up to repeated listening as it will grow on you as you hear everything going on in this song.

Forgiving is bright and breezy indie pop asking for forgiveness from another spurned lover that in places feels almost orchestral this is clever and cool and just a little bit catchy.

Sun has an almost reggae feel to its intro and sound although the vocals have such a gloriously rich feel to them reminding me of Marijne from Salad and with the lush strings it also feels a bit like Stereolab.

Leaves is an autumnal sparse rumination with just an accordion accompaniment to a spare tale of the end of a romance this is intensely beautiful.

Unknown is a sparse lament for the end of how life used to be and how you move forward when everything has come crashing down, with lush orchestration obviously, add in some skittering percussion and you might have a chance at finding your way through, as the songs story unfolds and it builds as they try to find there way back home again.

Stronger is as upbeat an indie rocker about how much a lover can end up hating you as it seems to go for Scott Walker style orchestration against some slightly odd elements that really make you Listen to the instrumental passages.

Blind is a duet of regret for the things that Blind you to what you might be doing to your partner full of apologies and pain at odds with the gentle caress of the music.

Signs is searching and looking at all the signs of life from outer space and other places, this is cool and will worm it's way into your head so that you may end up going there Are Signs at regular intervals for no good reason, while remembering the cool little guitar interlude after the first verse.

Child is a letter of love and affection for a child and the hopes and dreams they have for the child in question, even if they know they'll never keep those promises, this may bring a tear to the eye of some parents.

The album closes with the gently pulsing Light that may be on the front of the alien spaceship or just a star in the sky either way this is a beautiful way to end a very lush and cool comeback.

Find out more at https://evenaswespeak.bandcamp.com/album/adelphi https://www.evenaswespeak.com/ https://www.facebook.com/evenaswespeakband/
  author: simonovitch

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