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Review: 'Cat SFX'
'Doom Generation'   

-  Label: 'Creation23'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '24th July 2020'

Our Rating:
“Doom Generation is a commentary on my personal experiences of mental health issues, big pharmaceutical companies and their “cures”; the massive pressure that’s put on my generation by social media and a reality TV culture that dislocates us from our feelings.” So says Cat SFX of her debut single for Creation 23.

If mental health seems to be all the rage as a subject for songs right now, first of all, it’s perhaps worth asking why. I don’t believe this is all about a ‘snowflake’ generation: it’s more a sign of the times, and a groundswell of people struggling with myriad difficulties breaking down the barriers of stigma. It was inevitable that creatives in all media would be the ones to be the most open, and direct about this.

There’s nothing remotely mopey or ‘woe-is-me’ about this dynamic, Garbage-esque blast of alternative pop, which is all the energy, and big on hooks – not to mention a massive, growling bassline that’s all shades of surf-goth with a hint of grunge.

Lyrically, Cat adopts a more narrative approach to the verses, and showcases a spiky, post-punk inflection in the delivery. Paired with a fast-paced video in which she turns in a fittingly manic performance, ‘Doom Generation’ captures the intensity of the twitching, terrifying restlessness of anxiety and the fear it brings, and does so in an accessible, attention-grabbing (rather than attention-seeking) way.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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