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Review: 'Breeze, Emily'
'Hey Kidz'   

-  Genre: 'Pop' -  Release Date: '14th August 2020'

Our Rating:
According to the press release, Emily Breeze’s new single. ‘Hey Kidz’ serves both as a cautionary tale for young aspiring starlets and an anthem for failed rock stars everywhere. It’s also the first single from Emily's forthcoming album due for release in 2021 and documents her 40th year on planet earth. “In a spectacularly ageist industry stating my age feels like a reckless and rebellious act. There is an expectation that we should shuffle off into insignificance once we are no longer a fresh faced ingenue which I refuse to do. I am not famous or rich and I lead a relatively ordinary life which is of course as thrillingly three dimensional and worthy of illumination as everybody else’s. Through this set of songs I have created a grand romantic myth out of everyday existence and intend to celebrate transgressive women who exist outside of the mother/muse archetype.”

There’s a playful and self-effacing knowingness in the title, in the spelling of ‘kidz’. The generation above always like to make out like it’s ‘down with the kidz’, and by throwing a ‘street’ ‘shape’ or some shit, we like do demonstrate our hip cred while simultaneously disproving them.

‘Hey kidz, don’t do what I did / or you’ll never write a hit’, she begins, and it’s likely true: the charts simply don’t favour murky, retro-vibed electro-pop with a brooding twist. With a sparse arrangement and vintage drum machine sound underpinning some sunny, chiming guitar, it’s got a sunburst finish that’s uplifting but not flippant or vapid. And this is how pop songs are supposed to be.
  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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