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Review: 'The Demon Rind'
'Something Nice I Want To tell You'   

-  Label: 'Self released/Bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '18.9.20.'

Our Rating:
This is Pacific north west super group The Demon Rind's third album they are led by Kwab Eugene Copeland and the cd lists another eighteen featured players.

The album opens with Got Me Believing, a seemingly being played a bit too fast, indie pop song that flies by in under a minute and a half, with plenty going on.

Skeleton is a bare bones piano indie ballad with cool backing vocals and a gentle feel to it that sort of reminds me of Clem Snide and there is very little demonic about it unless it's the way the guitars come in and move about the speakers.

Lonely This Evening has vocals that sound like they come from a minor horror movie over slightly ponderous but rather brief tune.

Everywhere Everyone is wondering how satanic a band called Demon Rind really are as they say they want to sleep with everyone and we wonder if the devil is a sex addict, while also wondering if they have a blond mop of hair like Ian Moore used to have when he played for the Orient in the 70's, although I'm sure this band features a different Ian Moore to that one. I like the percussion of what sounds like someone hitting a bottle with a drumstick and the slightly askew piano.

Summons is the most gentle tune you've ever heard for summoning the devil to your door, this is more likely to send you to sleep than into the arms of the devil.

Don't Think starts off sounding like the soundtrack music before something really gory takes place, all dark nasty keyboards and synths, this could be the soundtrack to a murderous rampage, with added sci-fi noises making it more likely to be for a another battle in space. And no the lyrics don't reflect that obviously.

Wasn't Like It Was is every bit as hesitant and minor chord late night hints of despair hoping for change sort of song you might guess it would be from the title, almost with the influence of Robert Wyatt's Rock Bottom in parts.

Luck Has Some Kind Of Face is by far the most upbeat song so far and sounds like they are really grooving and enjoying themselves, while I try to work out where I know the guitar part from.

Stupid Luck is slow and careful song questioning about the nature of Love and the stupid luck you may have or not have dependant on who you fall in love with.

Fury In Your Heart, Part 2 and no Part 1 isn't on the album is a short interlude that leads into Son In Law that has the feel of a country indie hoedown gone wrong somewhere as they ask a good few questions, it's also a very intriguing song.

Hubris has ghostly voices gently strummed acoustic guitars and all sorts of other things to keep you listening. The album closes with Fury In Your Heart, Part 3 a bruised and battered sounding country rock almost ballad only it's an instrumental and a cool way to end an interesting album.

Find out more at https://www.facebook.com/demonrind/
  author: simonovitch

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