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Review: 'Parasitic Twins, The & Victim Unit'
'Gemenites EP'   

-  Label: 'Man Demolish Records'
-  Genre: 'Industrial' -  Release Date: '18th September 2020'

Our Rating:
This joint venture between Hull-based punky noisemakers The Parasitic Twins and noise duo Victim Unit is less of a collaboration than a head-on collision of noise. Recorded in York’s Melrose Yard Studio in one day, then subsequently mixed and mastered by Victim Unit, the EP consists of a single, thirteen-minute track that gnaws hard at the brain and grinds at the gut.

A primitive thump of a beat hammers our against a backdrop of weird, howling groans that seemingly emanate from the pits of hell, while ominous hums and drones swirl and hum… and then a dirty guitar crashes in, all droning feedback and overloading noise, and none of this is comfortable as the sounds grows and swells into a cranium-compressing, headache-inducing swirl of noise.

It’s not a collage, and there’s no sense of evolution or trajectory here: this is simply a gut-churning, head-shredding tumult, a tempestuous turmoil. There are some vocals, but they’re not only low in the mix but utterly fucked-up, and so is the torrent of crazed space-race whoops and wibbles. It isn’t kind or gentle or remotely significant of a piece hat reduced the abrasion in deferment to its audience. It’s a mangles melange of sound, and it’s not pleasant, but it is outstanding in its delivery of next-level nasty.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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