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'Long Day In The Milky Way'   

-  Label: 'Big Bean Music'
-  Genre: 'Folk' -  Release Date: '25th September 2020'-  Catalogue No: 'BB-05'

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Kris Delmhorst was born in Brooklyn but now based in western Massachusetts. The album was recorded in a 300-year-old farmhouse in Maine.

This is her eighth full-length release and, although the songs precede the pandemic, she admits that she felt a little world-weary while making it.

These are songs of sorrow and doubt but also of solace. Much like husband Jeffrey Foucault, she offers warm, reassuring responses to the chaos of the modern world. She says that her songs use "words of encouragement [that] I realized I myself needed to hear.”

Musically, Delmhorst says she wanted "collective-minded, flexible, non-ego-driven players.” There are no solos, just a smooth, fluid blend of instrumentation provided by Ray Rizzo (drums, percussion), Jeremy Moses Curtis (upright and electric bass), Dietrich Strause (piano, Rhodes, acoustic, vibes, trumpet, valve trombone), Sam Moss (electric guitar, violin) and Màiri Chaimbeul (harp). Backing vocalists Rose Polenzani, Rose Cousins, and Annie Lynch provide a united female chorus of hope.

Frankly, there's very little sense of the global anxiety Delmhorst says influenced the song writing process. With titles like Horses In The Sky, Flower Of Forgiveness and Bless Your Little Heart, you can gather that these tunes are far removed from the raging rants more politically motivated artists would come up with.

The press release states that "Her songs transmute like breath turning to mist on a cold, clear night; the inner made visible." and from this flowery description you get a pretty fair idea of what to expect.

It all serves to prove that, even though the world is falling to pieces, the easy listening genre will be last to crumble.

Kris Delmhorst website
  author: Martin Raybould

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DELMHORST, KRIS - Long Day In The Milky Way