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Review: 'Die Welttraumforscher'
'Wir Arbeiten Fur Die Nachste Welt (1991 - 2012)'   

-  Label: 'Bureau B'
-  Genre: 'Ambient' -  Release Date: '5.3.21.'

Our Rating:
This is the second compilation of the works of Swiss synth electronica outsiders Die Welttraumforscher and it covers the years 1991-2012, to allow us to hear how Christian Pfluger's musical vision has developed since the first half of the bands career.

The album opens with Wassergarten Vergangenhuit Und Zukunft that sounds like a nodding swan water feature led piece of very chilled out synth music that's very gently exploratory.

Das Land Loon is a laid-back gentle song whose vocals sound like a Swiss Gruff Rhys as it gentle builds and more and more odd sounds are added to a central xylophone riff.

Zuckerbackerbrigade isn't about facebooks shock troops as far as I can work out, more like the music for a cocktail lounge on Jupiter with insistent and interlocking loops giving way to odd bleeps and chimes.

Take Me Away sounds like a more out there Grandaddy that may be re-working the lyrics to some classic Al Green into a bucolic wasteland of broken trees and that searing piercing noise that leads to the slowly beating tambourine.

Kluger Konig Kindermond sounds like it's in a mushroom cloud of gently pulsing ululating synths and careful vocals as the sparse drum pattern kicks in. Werde Erde is almost as weird as it needs to be heard.

Lass Uns Uberlegen is all swirling sci fi synth soundtrack with a story I don't understand unfolding in the lyrics that sounds like it's narrating the film.

Dieses Haus Ist Nur Ein Traum has the funkiest bassline on either of the albums and slimline minimal EDM feel to a gently plaintive song.

Schnee Im Zarten Jahr has synthesized geese calls and gull squarks interspersed with the floaty synth lines.

Husch-Husch almost makes me expect "in the bush" to be the next line lyrically, as the insistent funky bass line and disco synth strings make this into the most obvious floor filler on these two albums and it's still pretty strange in places.

Ufo is as spacey as the title suggests with, I assume lyrics about flying though space and as they are in English I ought to understand this slice of odd synth space pop.

Das Blaue Zimmer sounds like he's treated the vocals from an African chant and married it to odd drum loops and a central keyboard motif to draw us out into some strange universe.

Silberblau is almost chamber synth pop that then has heavy industrial noises crashing in and out making it sound like Gorky's Zygotic Mynci crossed with This Heat all kinds of odd in a very endearing way.

The album closes with 21. January 2021 a song that sounds like it was made for a very different future for the one that came in 2021 this sounds like it should be on the soundtrack to a documentary about Zurich in the mid 70's as the plea for crazy days carries on.

Find out more at https://shop.tapeterecords.com/records/bureaub/die-welttraumforscher-wir-arbeiten-fur-die-nachste-welt-1991-2012.html
  author: simonovitch

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