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Review: 'Nív'

-  Genre: 'Folk' -  Release Date: '26th March 2021'

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There is no news right now: only the pandemic. And people aren’t really living their lives right now: they’re doing whatever they can to stay afloat. In many ways, it’s hard to recall exactly that seismic jolt that was the initial git of lockdown a year ago, or at least remember quite how it felt.

‘Home’ was penned during that first lockdown, as Nív reflected on all of the people unable to return home, or were otherwise separated from friends and families by the abrupt halting of all movement.

It’s a soft, thoughtful song, where Nív’s delicate vocal – with layers of self-harmony overlayed to add depth – contemplates the pull of separation while picking through memories and recollections over a subtly picked acoustic guitar, which is augmented with piano, and it’s all quiet, restrained, and magnificently melodic.

It’s a song of hurt, of sadness, but also of the joy of nostalgia, and, ultimately, it’s a song of hope.
  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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