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Review: 'Hate Mantra'
'Accept the Rot'   

-  Genre: 'Thrash Metal' -  Release Date: '17th Match 2021'

Our Rating:
‘Accept the Rot’ is the debut release from Hate Mantra, who pitch themselves as a deathmetal act, ‘spawned from the love for heavy riffs and abyss-deep growls!’

In the current climate – and maybe I’m being sensitive here – I’m wary of anything that suggest the propagation of hate, but I’m equally familiar with genre tropes, and there’s nothing about these guys that operates outside these, from the name to the cover art. ‘Accept the Rot’ is a classic dissection of the shitness of humanity and social decay, all of which seems entirely justified on the day I find myself wading through gatherings with picnics and barbecues and a riverside area that resembles the aftermath of Glastonbury after just the first day of the easing of lockdown restrictions. As a species, we feel so advanced and proud, but progress is merely rot with technology.

Hate Mantra vent their spleen with growly, guttural vocals and riffs that chug hard. The video is interesting for highlighting the use of tape over strings for damping as they keep everything pinned to a low-end grind. ‘Accept the Rot’ is hard and heavy, and a solid statement of intent.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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