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Review: 'Love-Songs Und U. Schutte'
'[Spannende Musik]'   

-  Label: 'Bureau B'
-  Genre: 'Ambient' -  Release Date: '27.8.21.'-  Catalogue No: 'BB383'

Our Rating:
Apparently the title of this album translates as Exciting Music in English which maybe a spurious claim, as this is a far from exciting album, being more of a journey into Germanic tribal improv chill out music brought to us by the mysterious Love-Songs and special guest Ulf Schutte.

From the opening Surren Steigert Sich it's clear that the Musik part of the band's name could also be Musak as a descriptor of the ambient wallpaper chill-out tribal trance improv music on this album.

Dumpfes Hammerndes Drohnen does what it says in the title in a trance chill out tribal way to channel your inner thoughts to as you relax and meditate to this before it slowly fades away.

UnregelMassiges Klicken sounds like they are sending sine waves into space in hope of a reply to the gentle percussive sounds and tribal improvisations.

Ulf & Thomas Speilt Im Hintergrund is full of spacey noises sending emanations out to the Soup Dragon and the bands Clangers overlords, this really needs some dustbin lid to complete it as the tones collapse into each other.

Spannungsvolle Rattern has clattering percussion and gentle synth and strings emissions. Dusteres Webern is deeply chilled cymbals like rain with a bass pulse and other worldly sounds for company and the odd gong hit.

The album closes with the 20 plus minute long Langgezogener Hoher Ton that sounds like outer space chase music with good repetitive percussion and odd noises coming In and out including what sounds like some muted trombone and some bowed strings and all sorts of other delights during its journey to the further reaches of space in search of that final frontier.

Find out more at https://shop.tapeterecords.com/new/love-songs-spannende-musik.html

  author: simonovitch

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