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Review: 'Burner Band, The'
'Signs And Wonders'   

-  Label: 'Shed Load Records'
-  Genre: 'Alt/Country' -  Release Date: '3.9.21.'

Our Rating:
This is the first album by The Burner Band as a band rather than a solo project of Lewis Burner.

The album opens with the Blues Came In a song about the morning after and the hangover you have, having got home really late, very much the worse for wear, trying not to explain what you got up to, set against far too jaunty for the hangover country blues, that sounds really up-beat and in a hurry with just enough time for a 5 second bass solo.

Block Out The Sun sounds like they've modernized a Jimmie Rodgers song, as this song of denial and the wriggling certain people do to deny they've ever done anything wrong, this has some cool harmonies as the banjo intertwines with the harmonica.

Company Man is a vastly different take on the subject, of The Company Man to Stephanie Finches one, this is about toiling all day for little pay while having to be a good Company Man to make ends meet while not even having enough time to go and get drunk afterwards.

It Takes Two is not the song you think it might be, but this is a sweet little country love song of seduction and the arguments that come further into the relationship, this reminds me of Copper Viper but with some good Thames Estuary style harmonica even though they come from the Bayou's of Leeds.

You, The Devil & Me has a western feel to it, with the guitar almost feeling like a cantering horse strolling towards Aintree, as this song of more domestic strife unfolds.

Search Deep, Find Out is a good thought-provoking song that seeks to make you go out and do your research to find out why things are the way they are before you end up face to face with the reaper.

Voodoo Queen isn't a tribute to the fabulous Riot Grrl group from the 90's but is instead about the woman who has driven them to the very edge of sanity playing mind games on them as the gently bluegrass blues caress our ears.

Don't Have To Listen is about reaching that point when you tell the people who claim they are always right and want to tell you how to live and be, as you're striking out on your own and knowing your own mind over some jaunty almost cow punk.

Pray For Light is that cry for help and a way through this life that won't lead to damnation and well the harmonica is there to save your soul once more.

Too Much Blues re-works Route 66 into a country blues rocker to help her throw you out and tell you to go home. Just don't jump off a bridge on the way home it isn't quite that bad yet.

The album closes with Signs & Wonders a road song that has a Rockingbirds feel to it as they take us on a gentle trip through Northern California in search of the bands very own promised land.

Find out more at https://www.shedloadrecords.co.uk/the-burner-band/p/signs-and-wonders-vinyl-lp https://www.facebook.com/lewisburnerleeds https://lewisburner.bandcamp.com/album/signs-wonders

  author: simonovitch

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