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Review: 'Wildhearts, The'
'21st Century Love Songs'   

-  Label: 'Graphite Records'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '3.9.21.'

Our Rating:
The classic line-up of The Wildhearts are back with new album 21st Century Love Songs that will keep the bands army of fans more than happy, hopefully they will all be able to sing along with Ginger, CJ, Danny and Rich to most of these songs by the time the bands tour reaches them.

The album burst out of your speakers with the Title Track 21st Century Love Songs opening things as they mean to go on with crisp in your face guitars and great chant along vocals telling us what Ginger thinks of Love Songs in the age of Love Island, but with more erudition than could ever be associated with that show and some monster riffing to beat the love into submission.

Remember These Days is a stonking The Wildhearts call to arms to make sure you remember how empty things can be when you can't go out and see them playing live, but as this breaks down a bit they claim maybe everything worked out for the best, which after the last couple of years is a hell of a claim to think about, as you bounce around the mosh pit to this, don't look surprised when it breaks down for a bit of an odd drum solo almost prog metal bit, with the vocals moving around the speakers like the voices in our heads.

Splitter starts off quiet before everything comes crashing in and the vocals are bitter twisted and angry as they tell us about the Splitter whose quit on them as they kiss the pain away in a welter of guitars that feel like gut punches as Rich's drums pummel your brains.

Institutional Submission is as angry as the title suggests, raging against the Submission to the orders of the government, this does all sorts of raging odd things musically and shifts and pokes at the brainless obedience of the many, before slowing down to some nice harmonies and a glam rock middle part. This isn't just about the pandemic though it's about the need no matter what to be against how our governments have been treating us be they left or right wing.

Sleepaway, the latest single opens like it's going to be a full-on metal ballad, but as expected it is much more than that as it rages around you and the lyrics come at us thick and fast as Ginger gets his many points across about the love he used to have for you. The one two three counts will sound great live no doubt with some rather Thin Lizzy style dynamics in the middle as they tell us they want a real love before a really odd yet totally cool ending, this also has a super gory and dark video.

You Do You takes a rather trite phrase and turns it into a blasting chugging rock tune to tell us that everyone is an expert these days and of course you shouldn't listen to any of them, while making sure to ignore the cheeky cunts and get on with making sure You Do You in the middle of this virus.

Sort Your Fucking Shit Out has the sort of intro that builds and explodes in your ears as you realize the mess you're in and that you really do need to get you act together and as they say Sort Your Fucking Shit Out and who would argue with them.

Directions is raging against the letters they have been sent by the Government, they are standing still waiting for the answers to the questions the governments letter raise, as most of us scratch our heads at such letters, the other question is would you trust any directions the government gave you anyway? I think I'd trust the power of Danny and Cj's playing far more.

A Physical Exorcism is angry impassioned and perfect for a fist pumping sing along, as they sing about the need to work out and the need to get your demons out and a nice mid song stop for a bit of sage advice before Rich brings everyone back in again.

The album closes with My Head Wants Me Dead that is a very powerful song about the depression and suicidal thoughts that have been a major part of Ginger's life, hopefully this song will provide catharsis and healing and a way through the depression towards better times and less self-torture as the song switches from raging to the really nice parts and back again like they are switching between there good and evil sides with consummate ease.

Find out more at https://www.omerch.com/shop/thewildhearts https://www.thewildhearts.com/ https://www.facebook.com/TheWildhearts/

  author: simonovitch

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