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Review: 'Ohr'
'Walk In The Light'   

-  Label: 'Headstate Records/ Bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Post-Rock' -  Release Date: '10.9.21.'

Our Rating:
Walk In The Light is the debut album by Craig Klein's new project Ohr which means Light in Hebrew and Ear in German. Craig was previously in Chicago based band The Race. Since they broke up Craig has moved to Seattle and also been in Techno band Down There. Craig has pretty much played almost all the instruments on this double album.

The album opens with It's On that's a swirling atmospheric ambient techno piece that sounds like a slightly more commercial Electronic Audio Research tune with a hint at a Thomas Koner influence as well as some vaguely sufi style vocal intonations as these builds to become more song like than ambient but still quite supine.

Golden Ceilings is the perfect tune to hear in one of my local pubs The Black Lion that does indeed have a Golden Ceiling although I wouldn't recommend lying on your back in the pub, this is hazily psychedelic and perfect to lie back and stare at a ceiling or two too as long as you've ingested the right cocktail, as the backwards sounding guitars and pulsing percussion work their magic on your mind.

Growth Mindset is laid back dappled psychedelic tune that is very similar of Spiritualized or Sunray and sounds like it will be perfect to come down from a weekend bender too.

Walk In The Light builds around a pulse a song full of cascading runs and repetitive droning parts in the Soul Kiss Glide Divine style of chilled head music.

Chains of love is a slow keyboard ode to love while out of your mind on Ecstasy or LSD as you have an out of body love making experience to this song and let the lyrics slowly seep into your brain.

Mindbender isn't quite the Wayne Fontana tribute it could have been but is another Spectrum/Spiritualized style psychedelic drone pop song to quietly groove along too.

Touched could well be the perfect tune to get Touched by the sensual hands of someone your close too with near buried vocals and cool pulsing music that then goes a bit weird with outbursts of noise and the return of the pulsing organ and what sounds like a rotor fan circling overhead.

Solina is rather hazy and laid-back gentle music to trip out too. Heaven is just as blissed out as you might imagine it would be as the organ plays long sustained notes to help bring you to the point of rapture once more.

Treats isn't the soundtrack to an advert for a Finger of fudge although this track would certainly give your kids a treat if they heard its laid-back groove as it builds and blows their minds.

Flow is very much in the Spiritualized mould and sounds similar to the feel they were going for on similarly titled songs this is woozily stoned and getting into the swing of things.

Level Up thankfully isn't about the Tories political agenda but is another slice of laid-back stoned psyche indie to get mellow and stoned too.

Arrow To The Sun has more of a club beat to the percussion but otherwise sticks to the trippy out there sounds of the rest of the album as well as having what sounds like it might be a bagpipe playing in places.

Ruby Star has lots of cool effects and pulses and keeps the mood and trip going nicely. Sunbreaks is perfect of nipping in and out of the shade too as that pulsing beat makes you ululate along with it as if your watching lake Michigan slowly ripple in front of you.

Dreams I Don't remember is obviously about trying to figure out what happened while you were tripping off your nuts to a tune like this one as it pulses and blooms and your mind gets ever more frazzled at the thought of trying to go and do something normal as you want the dreaming to continue.

The album closes with Orange Glow that sounds like the name of some super strength acid or weed that has you seeing everything with an orange glow around it and this is just the tune to help that hallucination become reality as you lay back and wallow in one last spaced-out piece.

Find out more at https://ohrmusic.bandcamp.com/album/walk-in-the-light https://www.instagram.com/eitherohr/

  author: simonovitch

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