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Review: 'Slade'

-  Label: 'BMG'
-  Genre: 'Seventies' -  Release Date: '3.9.21.'-  Catalogue No: 'BMGCAT501LP'

Our Rating:
This is the latest re-issue of Slade's classic third album Slayed?, the only difference between this version and the original album is that this time it's on Yellow and black splatter vinyl for anyone that really loves colored vinyl it does look cool. A Perfect Xmas stocking filler for the Slade nut in your life.

This album went to number one in 1972 and was in the uk charts for 34 weeks and features the bands classic line-up of Noddy Holder, Dave Hill, Jim Lea and Don Powell and of course the bands signature approach to spelling.

Side 1 begins this Sleigh ride of an album with How D'You Ride that is really a Skinhead glam punk stomper of a sleigh ride about driving and living life in the fast lane, with Noddy's trademark throaty vocals and a catchy chorus with chugging guitars that are perfect to stomp along too.

The Whole World's Goin' Crazee is about the buzz of being in a band and seeing the whole room go Crazee for you, this has some nifty guitars and crisp and efficient drums that work brilliantly with the barrelhouse piano as we all go Crazee and yell along.

Look At Last Nite is full of morning after the night before recriminations and regrets, this is slower and with a Kinks influence, as Chas Chandlers production showcases some cool stereo effects on the guitars and cymbals really adding a lot to the memories of last night they are recounting.

I Won't Let it 'Appen Agen is an apologetic stomp that Twisted Sister re-worked into a hit. Dave Hill's Guitar does all sorts of cool things when it comes front and centre and as it really works with the shuffling beat.

Move Over is a cover of the Janis Joplin classic song of longing and lust and their version works a blues stomp for everything they've got, my favorite cover of this tune is Beki Bondage's version, this is good but not better than that version, although I do love the Cymbal break down in this version that closes side one.

Side 2 begins with the classic single Gubduy T'Jane a brilliant stomp along song and warning about the perils of growing up too soon.

Gudbuy Gudbuy is a plea from Noddy to be dumped properly and in person over a slowed down blues rock howl of pain and regret.

What can I saw about mama Weer All Crazee Now that hasn't been said of this monumental hit before other than it's a solid gold hit to stomp and sing along too as you wave your silk Slade Scarf in the air while getting down and getting with it.

I Don' Mind is a slow nasty argument of love and lust gone wrong, as Noddy dances on your face!! Is he being cruel well maybe just a bit.

The album closes with a cover of Let The Good Times Roll where they take Shirley & Lee's much covered classic and turn it into a Blues stomp guaranteed to leave everyone feeling Slayed as this does lots of unexpected things that really uses what would have been the latest technology to great effect as they make the song there own.

Find out more at https://slade.tmstor.es/product/82738???https://slade.lnk.to/slayedPR

  author: simonovitch

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