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Review: 'Persian Leaps, The'
'Drone Etiquette'   

-  Label: 'Land Ski Records'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '1st October 2021'

Our Rating:
There’s a fairly serious undertone to this new album from Minneapolis’ The Persian Leaps. Vocalist and guitarist Drew Forsberg, explains that “The title ‘Drone Etiquette’ came from an article about the dos and don’ts of flying remote controlled drones. However, ‘drone etiquette’ could also describe the rules that we mindless worker drones follow in our daily lives. The cover art, which was inspired by Soviet propaganda posters, evokes our enthusiastic lockstep march towards a meaningless existence.”

The weight of this bleak prospect doesn’t really come across in the music, which is a blend of light guitar indie, 90s college rock, and vintage punk, with first track and lead single ‘When This Gets Out’ boasting some choppy, chugging guitars and some solid, four-square riffs featuring across the album.

Balancing drive with jangle, there’s a strong focus on melody on the six songs on offer here, and if Smiths comparisons are obvious, they’re also justified, not just in the guitar stylings, but Fosberg’s vocal intonations – although unlike Morrissey, he doesn’t sing flat or quite so high in his throat, and he’s no fan of Trump, either (as evidenced on ‘When This Gets Out’). These are all positive points, and with the majority of the songs sitting around the 3-minute mark, this is a concise document of Fosberg’s creative activity during the pandemic.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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