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Review: 'Get Smart!'
'Oh Yeah No'   

-  Label: 'Capitol Punishment/Bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '8.10.21.'

Our Rating:
Get Smart! Are back this band from Lawrence Kansas were first active back in the 1980's and are about to play there first live shows in 31 years alongside The Pedaljets whose most recent album I reviewed last year. It sounds like that reunion show at The Bottleneck in Lawrence Kansas on November 6th will be quite a show. They are also playing at the Liars Club in Chicago on December 11. This comeback album has been mixed by Steve Albini and recorded by Iain Burgess.

The album opens with the insistent sound of Oh Yeah No a forceful indie rock song that keeps telling us they want that cancer set against a great bass line and some very cool guitar bits and with Marcus Koch on the lead vocals.

Rhythm Empty has quite an 80's dark college rock sound with good harmony vocals as the insistent rhythm is used to allow the guitar to go off around it.

Under The Rug is the first song with Lisa Wertman Crowe on lead vocals and her voice really reminds me of Judy Grunwald's vocals in Salem 66 and the nice dark sound only adds to that feeling, with some nice garage rock guitar as this song about what goes on under the rug and how it makes you scream in despair and all sorts of other things.

Blonde Goes West is the song that most makes the press releases claims of a Pylon influence most obvious as Marcus sings about getting drunk and the new wave post punk guitars really get going, this has a sense of urgency.

Painted Floor has Lisa back on lead vocals and as she looks through the curtains it really does sound like Salem 66 once more as the guitars get a bit twitchy as someone's got a bottle to kill.

The album closes with Paradise that has a Stooges like intro as they try to get themselves to Paradise over some cool garage punk with Marcus' vocals sounding at there best when harmonizing with Lisa's rather more powerful backing vocals.

Find out more at http://www.getsmartmusic.com/ https://getsmart.bandcamp.com/album/oh-yeah-no https://www.facebook.com/GetSmartBand/

  author: simonovitch

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