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Review: 'I SEE HAWKS IN L.A.'
'On Our Way'   

-  Label: 'Western Seeds Record Company'
-  Genre: 'Alt/Country' -  Release Date: '27th August 2021'-  Catalogue No: 'WSR-CD015'

Our Rating:
This quirkily named combo are billed as Southern California's leading alt country/Americana/folk rock band.

For a group that celebrate sociability and advocate the building of eco-friendly communities, the 2020 lockdown hit particularly hard. Facetiming is never going to be a match for rehearsing and performing together.

Undeterred, the core members - Rob Waller, Paul Lacques, Victoria Jacobs and Paul Marshall – were still able to profit from numerous guest appearances. By the end, you’ll be reassured that the Coronavirus has not delivered a knockout blow to the group’s resilient and inclusive work ethic.

The band’s first post-pandemic album was born of the limitations of being more studio-bound but largely avoids addressing the global crisis head on. Radio Keeps Me On The Ground (Slight Return) is the only song that directly refers to survival strategies. The breezy country of the opening track, Might’ve Been Me, sets the upbeat mood.

They say that a difference to previous releases is that the songs this time around are more historic and the language is more oblique. They sing about Geronimo, London’s Kensington MarketMuhammad Ali (Kentucky Jesus) without entirely neglecting reflections on the vagaries of love and broken hearts.

Mississippi Gas Station Blues and the rambling eight-minute closing track, How You Gonna Know?, are more electric and eclectic but they don’t disrupt the even flow of the record.

Crisis? What crisis?

I See Hawks in L.A.’s website
  author: Martin Raybould

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I SEE HAWKS IN L.A. - On Our Way