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Review: 'Carrion Repeating + Radio Edits'
'James Domestic'   

-  Label: 'Kibou Records/Bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Punk/New Wave' -  Release Date: '22.4.22.'

Our Rating:
James Domestic is a leading light in the East Anglian hardcore scene as a member of among other bands Pi$$er, Tokyo Lungs and Hazard among others. This is his first solo album that he's fitted in between being a Soul Reggae DJ and academic.

This opens with the low-fi indie punk of Itchy Itchy that isn't a song about getting crabs, but more about the ennui of life and why you get itchy for change and to be doing something worthwhile rather than shopping in Lidl's and its tongue is firmly in its cheek.

Faze Out was the first single from the album, it's an angry rant set against basic keyboards and searing guitar, as the indignities unfold like your being berated by the angriest man in Norwich.

Holiday is a Ian Duryesque tale of being on your hollybobs looking like a total cliche, making sure to do everything the holiday rep tells you to do, the sort of tourist who can't think for themselves and needs to be told to go visit the local cathedral and castle etc, as if you couldn't figure it out for yourself.

Casual Vulture has a funky bassline and casio keyboard that apparently are the soundtrack that's perfect for him to strip your bones clean too, as he lays out his plans to destroy you.

Giblets is a song that pleads with you not to kick him in the Giblets, you might be unable to resist, if this sort of low-fi indie punk isn't your thing, but then again you may just want to give him a hug and help him along his way.

Push On Through but not to the other side if you can help it. This is slow and in places a little ponderous as they try to reach their destination.

Bean Counter is a great angry rant against the Bean Counters who have destroyed much of what we hold dear in the name of balancing books and making profits. I love this song; The bile is directed at the sort of soulless asshole many of us have hated for the last few decades.

Weekend Carbs makes sure you know you should be cleaning up your act and making yourself presentable, rather than spending the entire weekend getting totally trashed again.

Is That You is a rap about an ex, who he thinks he's spotted out and about, as he tells us exactly what he thinks about the ex and it ain't pretty.

Manana has a wonderful sax solo that sounds like it happened today, but well maybe it didn't like the almost steel pan drumming, this kind of has a Caribbean lilt going on underneath it's indie punk exterior, as he tries to find a way to do something today rather than Manana.

Never Enough has some cool back and forth between James and his female backing singer as this tale of being bored shitless at work once again unfolds as you realize you'll never be treated and paid what your worth.

Push On Through (Clean) is the first of the edits, taking out some of the words other people deem unacceptable but otherwise just as cool as the first version on the album before the guitar solo on the outro that seems more intense on this version.

Bean Counter (Clean) is still just as angry a rant just without the so-called bad words, instead James garbles the words to leave you in no doubt what sort of see you next Tuesday he’s talking about.

Itchy Itchy (Clean) turns the naughty words into what almost sounds like polari as we contemplate exactly what it is that makes him so Itchy Itchy.

The album concludes with Holiday (clean) well who on earth wants a clean Holiday, no give me the dirty sleazy one where you get down with the locals and not on some package deal being led around like a poodle.

Find out more at www.jamesdomestic.com https://jamesdomestic.com/product/753313 https://jamesdomestic.com/product/753314 https://www.facebook.com/jamesdomesticscott

  author: simonovitch

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