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Review: 'Edwards, Terry & The Scapegoats'
'My Wife Doesn't Understand Me'   

-  Label: 'Sartorial Records'
-  Genre: 'Nineties' -  Release Date: '23.4.22.'-  Catalogue No: 'FIT085LP'

Our Rating:
This classic Terry Edwards album is being re-issued for record store day 2022 as a double album on vinyl that plays at 45 rpm for maximum bandwidth as well as 4 bonus tracks that come with the albums download card. The other Scapegoats are Ian White, Ian R Watson and Jem Moore.

The A side opens with the classic 6-8-1 (The Burn Up) and a tune that Terry has reworked a few times over the years, in this original version it's a smoking piece of funky jazz with trademark shaker percussion and a mind melding sax solo.

Hey Louis Let's Do Lunch is a wonderful spoken word rap from Terry about how meetings go in the music bizz, over the indie punk backing that punctuates the action, as everyone’s secretaries phone in their opinions in time for the guitar solo that might make you reach for that Tuna sandwich, as the song devolves into a rough and ready sample of Louie Louie that isn't part of the version of this song I'm most familiar with.

Cover versions is an amazingly concise 15 second blast. That's followed by the super intensity of Ructions where Terry's sax goes wilder and wilder all over the speakers splattering anything that gets in its way.

The B side opens with I Don't Know Where It's Coming From (But I Dig it) that has spare percussion and the song titles repeated like a mantra in between some bass saxophone interjections.

The classic Knife is up next, but this is far more stripped back than the later NJE versions, this comes as more of a butter or palette Knife rather than a filleting or flick Knife. This also has some backing vocals that add another tone into the mix as Terry's mute get to work.

Known, Not Wanted is a tune that's crying out for a death metal cover version, it's easily dark enough and should be on the soundtrack of some horror movie as unspeakable things happen.

It's Showtime is almost No Wave scratchy guitar set against a bass run and cymbals before you'd expect the carnival barker to start introducing the acts over the main theme as Terry lets loose on his soprano sax.

The Second discs A-Side opens with No Qualms as Terry tells us just exactly what he has No Qualms about and of course the fact that he doesn't drink sherry or wear jeans so don't even think of suggesting otherwise.

De-Hydrate/Re-Hydrate has vocals recorded in a damp closet, all sorts of weirdness and a strange anti rhythm.

Blue Funk more than lives up to its name as a slow ponderous funky strut across your speakers as it slinks into your life and the eviscerates you, with a monster guitar solo that demonstrates Terry's Hendrix obsession brilliantly.

The D side opens with a short sharp cover of Taste Of Honey that's followed by the brilliant agit hardcore jazz punk of Margaret Thatcher We Still Hate You a song that still holds up and is as salient as ever.

Jean Pierre is a bass heavy sort of horns dub cover of Jean Pierre the lucky boy. The vinyl ends with My Wife Doesn't Understand Me that sounds like a mash-up of all the previous tunes in one handy bite size perplexing chunk, as you pick out highlights from the other tunes, now stitched together like the weirdest musical jigsaw imaginable and don't forget Terry does not wear jeans.

The download only extras start with 6-8-1 (Radio Edit) that shaves just over two minutes off the playing time of the Burn Up version, so is more concise but no less wonderful a tune that as ever I'm happy to hear over and over again, especially the guitar solo towards the end.

Blue Funk (Radio Edit) is nearly six minutes shorter and is an intense blast, like a triple espresso drunk in one gulp, as that monster guitar solo is the main feature of this short sharp version of Blue Funk.

Ructions (60's Stereo Mix) is fast furious and just a little bit damn funky. The extras finish with Qualm-Free Zone that is an almost totally instrumental version of this classic and sans the wonderful lyrics is somewhat less powerful but still a great tune.

Find out more and fight for your copy on record store day here https://recordstoreday.co.uk/rsd-list/terry-edwards-and-the-scapegoats/ https://www.facebook.com/mrterryedwards

  author: simonovitch

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