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Review: 'C.O.F.F.I.N.'
'Australia Stops'   

-  Label: 'Goner Records/Bad Vibrations/Damaged Record Co'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '15.9.23.'

Our Rating:
Australia Stops is the latest album from Children Of Finland Fighting In Norway to give this hard rockin' band of Auzzie blokes there full title. From the bands roots supporting the Hard-Ons as young teens to this album has been an 18 year journey. Recorded at The Pet Food Factory studio with Jason Whalley producing Ben an Dougal and the crew on this adrenal rush of an album.

The album opens with Give Me A Bite that once the band come in, has a very Radio Birdman or New Race feel to it, with proper biker metal vocals, as he begs to be allowed a Bite of that stuff, just a chance.

Cut You Off rages across the speakers like an out of control hog, riffing like there lives depend on it, like a greasier Airbourne with guitars out of the James Williamson or Ron Asheton school.

City Sun rampages like they are trying to bottle Dennis Tek's energy to mainline it, in this tune that needs to be heard so loud the speakers start to shake, as this melts your brain.

Keep it Dark is a thousand mile an hour anthem for our times, squalling walls of guitars, precision drumming underpinning it, they rage against all the misery, trying to keep the creeper at bay, as all the violence is kicking off once more.

Lovers Leash sounds like they are distilling the anger and bile seen in Once Were Warriors, as they try not to get tied down against the raging guitars, with ever more Lemmy like vocals.

Beasts slows things down, sounding like they have come down to an AC/DC slow rocker, lyrics are more in hock to Cock in your Pocket era Stooges, before the harmonica solo sort of takes over in the break down, picking up the pace raging to get away from that beast.

The title track Australia Stops is apparently written on lots of long distance Lorries, this punchy trucker rawk monster roars across the room, kicking up a cloud of dust, asks questions about where Australia is, how to move forward into a more equitable society, so get back on that road making sure this is blasting out the speakers at top volume, as you bowl down that highway once more.

Factory Man is not about Billy Name, Ondine and the rest of Andy's crew, as they beg to be allowed to be a Factory Man, working that never ending repetitive shift to have enough to get by and have a decent life, as the riffing guitars slow down, as if you almost ready to go on strike, before they pick the pace back up getting on with the job of rocking like absolute maniac bastards.

The Night Breaker is gonna break you night in two, do I need to say any more for what this beast will do to decimate your brain.

Through The Sewer is your only way out, you dive in head first, hoping the current is strong enough to get you the hell out of that sewer as fast as this rages along.

The album closes with one last tornado of sound as Faceless has street gang chant backing vocals bouncing off the walls, ever wailing riffs this careens through all the Faceless nobodies they are surrounded by, will that drumbeat ever give up pounding your brain, like everyday reality smacking you in the face again.

Find out more at https://coffin.lnk.to/AustraliaStops https://www.coffinband.com/ https://www.facebook.com/coffin.aus

  author: simonovitch

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