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Review: 'Cult Figures'
'Between Us AndHheaven'   

-  Label: 'Gare Du Nord Records'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '20.10.23.'-  Catalogue No: 'GDNCD074'

Our Rating:
Cult Figures are back with the bands third album since forming in 1979 and follows on from the brilliant Deritend that came out in 2021, the Cult Figures involved this time are Fraser Gillespie, Gary Jones, Lee McFadden, Stuart Hilton, Steve May and Jon Hodgson. As usual the band are produced by John Rivers at his Woodbine studios In Leamington Spa.

The album opens with the glistening power pop of Mr Producer a love letter to the creator of magic who will give them another smash hit single, like the ones he produces for other bands, the detailed guitar solo weaves between the vocals, asking for that one glorious hit that will make them for life as these guys want to play on a real banger.

Between Us And Heaven are some glorious guitars being taken by rocket ship on a special mission to ensure there place on the celestial plain, as they ponder on mortality among the imperious indie pop, this could also serve as a nice eulogy for Gary Jones.

Unburdened has a list of all the possibilities that they feel they need to be Unburdened from, as you'll find yourself shouting possibility along with them in no time at all.

Battle Of The Beefcakes is the 1982 recording made in Liverpool with vocals by original singer Gary Jones who sadly died last year. This almost Leslie Sarony style music hall song for the mindless Saturday night fighting brigade. It's both brilliant and nothing like the rest of the album.

Global Conspiracy is in this case to drive the singer insane, well it's driven most of us insane to be true, we all have it in for you, your Television personality, you may as well be in splendid isolation, well away from prying eyes.

One False Move and you may have written a Pretenders style ballad kiddo, as the sadness of modern times overwhelm you, broken alone, sad desolation, as they sit in the cold.

Devotion is a song of well love and devotion for that notion that you'll be together for ever and ever, super sweet Power pop you could easily hear being sung by Roddy frame like he's the Real McCoy.

Sitting Target waiting to be hit by that jangling power pop, upbeat and hopeful that you can come out and live in the open once more.

Voice Of Reason is like one of the weirder talking heads on a tv news show, rapped out almost like Gary Fraser wants to sound like he's in a Ska Punk band, despite the music being indie pop, locked in isolated, trying to escape the endless voice of reason babbling away in his ears all day every day.

Never Take The Bus has almost spoken word narration on the state of our times, the world gone wrong, Hammersmith bridge falling down, they whizz along the Westway, deep into our psyches burning Thatcher's mantra, never take the Bus, while hating everything she stood for.

Battle of The Beefcakes 2 is a music hall chorale to watch those Beefcake Boys mauling each other, while being haunted by Noel Cowards arch ghost.

Rapide 40 Slideout sound like American football instructions hut hut, even if this is more of a car crash road rash special, as your race is run, the super catchy tune burns itself into your brain once more, go on go get the Cult figures latest album before the tarmac runs out.

Find out more at https://cultfigures.bandcamp.com/album/between-us-and-heaven?fbclid=IwAR3dAf79MKsy94L7o63zu4j77OJqNbUVEM2nAtxV4XkGY29sd7jRujx8l38 https://www.facebook.com/CultFigures

  author: simonovitch

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