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Review: 'Persian Leaps, The'
'Jeanne-Machines For Living'   

-  Label: 'Land Ski Records'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '13.9.23.'

Our Rating:
Jeanne is the latest single by The Persian Leaps and reminded me that I still hadn't reviewed the bands recent Mini-album Machines For Living, so I am reviewing them together. The Persian Leaps are Drew Forsberg's St Paul Minnesota based band who chose to cover the B-side of The Smiths This Charming Man single.

This is a nice cover of The Smiths song Jeanne, that I'll admit I don't know, as I'm not a big Smiths fan. This is a cool jangle pop, praising Jeanne, how much they adore her, even if they want to give her cash on the nail, this has a very 80's indie sound to it as you might expect.

Alright Alright that opens Machines For Living is a cool slice of shimmer pop for a hard working guy getting it in the neck once more, for not doing everything the boss wants, as the insistent beat nags away at you some glass breaks and you wonder how wrong this day is going.

Maybe Time Will Let Me Forget was the first single from Machines For Living that I reviewed a while ago. It has a classic power pop sound for an autumnal hit, which as it's a cover of the 1967 release by The Coachmen is not unexpected. For those that don't remember The Coachmen they were one of Dan Fogelberg's earliest bands, this has cool harmonies with ringing guitars, as they try to forget what ails them, they stroll in the Autumnal or should that be fall rain. This cover is fuller sounding than the original while being so catchy, I can now easily sing along.

Lipreader Dyslexia is a decent slice of jangling 60's infested indie pop for someone who reads lips, but always gets the words muddled up, which if you live with someone who often lip reads, you’ll know exactly what they are getting at.

Beautiful Inside keeps up the fey jangle pop feel of the mini album, that then closes with the down at heal heartbroken strains of The Nicest Way as Eric gets all nostalgic for your touch and caress this is a beautiful put reminiscence.

Find out more at https://thepersianleaps.bandcamp.com/track/jeane-single https://thepersianleaps.bandcamp.com/album/machines-for-living https://thepersianleaps.com/

  author: simonovitch

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