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Review: 'Vistic, John E'
'Humanz Are Bastardz'   

-  Label: 'Defendling Records'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '10.11.23.'

Our Rating:
Humanz Are Bastardz is an ep of and for the times we are living through created by underground legend John E. Vistic drummer and sound man extraordinaire following on from Under the Volcano his last album that came out in 2021.

The album opens in tribute to Dostoevsky on Crime & Punishment a bitter twisted angry blues rock rage against the state in these downtrodden times, as AI replaces us, emasculating humanity, ripped apart by guitar savagery, pulsating bass and drums as he quotes the reverend Al Green, taking us down to that water to receive what's coming to us. Like with Under The Volcano I will include a quote from the novel that sums up where we are now and why the enduring influence of this book is so 2023. "Then a man may do nothing but harm to his neighbour in this world, and is prevented from doing the tiniest bit of good by trivial conventional formalities."

Gunz Germz & Steal is a pandemic infusion of bile and rage for everything done to us, as the rich beat us all down to the bottom once more, this is post-apocalyptic indie rock ranting, raging firing at all the far too easy targets, that refuse to give up on power, while crippling us all.

To Every Purpose Under Heaven asks who gives governments and religion the power they have, as they behave so horrendously to those in their care, can the new dawn be better than before, of course not, things just keep getting darker like the distorted pained guitars at the heart of this.

The EP ends with Humanz Are Bastardz that is something that would be very hard to argue against, after the events of the last few days, let alone years, this needs shouting at all the evil murderous Bastardz, as much as the controlling governing Bastardz, an all the other kinds of Bastardz, this has the feel of a genuinely perfect anthem for 2023 as the guitars rip you apart.

Find out more at https://www.facebook.com/johnevisticrocknrollsoundsystem/


  author: simonovitch

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