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Review: 'Mint Mind'

-  Label: 'Tapete Records'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '10.11.23.'

Our Rating:
VG+ is the new album by Mint Mind who are based in Hamburg-Altone but led by American born musician Rick McPhail who has found a couple of like-minded but younger German collaborators in Christian Klindworth and Freidel Viegener to record with him at the Upper Room Studio.

The album opens with Contemporary Jaguars that talks about the old days of the DDR as well as all sorts of other modern concerns like they are scouring the streets looking for a little action, as the hazy laid back slacker rock feel pushes things on, making you listen to what they are tempting to fill the coliseum with, mainly a look at influencers who are as fake as they profiles they create.

Excuse The Excuse is built around an 80's computer games style synth part as all of the things you feel the need to make excuses for, why your late again, the guitars go off as we wonder what's up with society.

Gold Card Member wonders if how uncool it is to be that person in the gold card area, who paid over the top to be at the front, making sure as Lou Reed put it that the assholes are right up front, with squelchy synths and a propulsive beat that makes there distain for the over privileged clear.

Glow has a Dandy Warhols style feel to it, quite glossy as the slacker vibe carries it on slowly meandering.

Tiny Fingers takes a stab or two at the idiocy of the man with Tiny Fingers still thinking he talks sense and deserves to be voted for, rather than being banged up in a maximum security jail cell. The desperate beat with walls of synths trying to break through all the idiocy of the last few years.

No Vision has a kraut rock ambient synth opening before all the things that have blinded us to how to co-operate and make the world a better saner place, are listed as the inequality is levelled up.
Stratospheric Numbers is a concept we've all become used too, as so many things are beyond comprehension during the pandemic and beyond, all the numbers you can't comprehend are wrapped up in this synth pop slacker rock tune.

Youth And I is a plea for more interaction between the generations, finding the things we have in common rather than what separates us, as the management speak flows by, the wailing wall of guitars and synths clashing hoping to connect with beautiful youth once again.

The album closes with In The Sweet Land Of Mint finds them walking through those peppermint paddies dreaming of a cool psychedelic haze allowing them to go on a happy trip once more as the synths drive everything into the hypersphere expanded our minds.

Find out more at https://shop.tapeterecords.com/mint-mind-vg-3936 https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063707190593 https://www.mintmind.org/

  author: simonovitch

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