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Reviews - Face In The Crowd

Our erstwhile Live Reviews section, where we subject ourselves, any unwitting cub reporters we can get our hands on and a couple of unsuspecting photographers to the questionable delights of late nights, foul toilets and weak lager –oh, not to mention under-done kebabs at closing time. But, hell, we love it when it enables us to bring you the good, the bad and the positively weird from the concert circuit.
You can search either by alphabetical lists or you can type in the name of the artist your looking for to find if we've covered them. The reviews home page also shows our latest 20 reviews so you can see what's been added today!

In recent months, our live coverage has come on in leaps and bounds and in the coming couple of months we hope to bring you all the best down-the-front action with reports from shows all over the UK and Ireland. As we write, shows from the likes of JULIANA MEYER, MUMM-RA, SAMSA, BAND OF HORSES, GRINGO STAR, BRIGHT BLACK MORNING LIGHT, JESSE MALIN, SOPHIA, A HAWK & A HACKSAW, BESNARD LAKES, ELVIS PERKINS, ST. VINCENT, SOME VELVET MORNING, TOM McRAE, THE PONYS, KAISER KARTEL and the legendary ONLY ONES are on the cards. Plus, we're hoping to nip down to Latitude and possibly even Glastonbury, so be sure to log on regularly!
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